The Power and Popularity of Pinterest


While it may not be generating as many headlines as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, after seeing so many innovative campaigns on Pinterest, i thought it would be interesting to look at the enormous potential of Pinterest right now and show how some brands are using Pinterest to promote their businesses.

It’s clear from the statistics that more and more brands are turning to Pinterest and realizing its potential to attract users through its visual search and virtual pinboard.

Pinterest was launched only four years ago in 2010, and since then it has attracted 57.9 million monthly users, mostly women 16-34 years old.   Three quarters of its activity takes place on the mobile phone and the content includes images, of personal likes, similar to a digital scrapbook.


Among the brands starting to use Pinterest and all of its unique features include Uniqlo, the fast fashion clothing store which has created a Pinterest board with long vertical ads that you scroll down seemlessly.


Verizon Wireless has recently been using Pinterest to promote its free NFL smartphone Wallpapers in conjunction with their NFL partnership.  They are letting users choose their favorite wallpapers from their favorite NFL teams to then download an NFL smartphone wallpaper directly to their phones.

2014-11-02_21-24-23Jetsetter is a vacation flashsite that asked users to create their ultimate destination pinboard.   And the winner of the contest would also win a free vacation to one of four possible destinations.  That campaign increased its pinboard follower base from 2,000 people to 5,300 people in just a couple of weeks.  Over the course of the campaign 1100 people pinned over 50,000 images trying to earn the get the pinboard with the most followers.



Nordstrom most recently incorporated most pinned items on their Pinterest board onto their store displays as part of their Pinspiration campaign.


I wanted to conclude this post with my own experiences using Pinterest. Even though I have a Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+ accounts along with many different chat apps like Whatsapp and Line, I actually DO NOT have a Pinterest account.  But I recently helped my mom curate a Pinterest board that “slightly” exploded in popularity.

Because my mom loves to cook and I love technology, when I was home visiting her for the holidays she asked me to help her set up a Pinterest board with all different recipes that she had been collecting in a book over the years.  It took a couple minutes to help her set up an account and before long we had pinned dozens of recipes with her reflections on her virtual Pinterest pinboard.   Most of the time was spent helping her collect her thoughts on each recipe captured by a caption below the list of ingredients.

The most popular post on the Pinterest board came from an idea my mother had to create homemade Peppermint Bark as Christmas gifts.  She had seen these “beautiful peppermint bark chocolates” being sold at William Sonoma and thought they would be easy to make herself.  The recipe was rather simple.  She just melted white chocolate that she bought at the grocery store in a saucepan.  Then she poured the melted white chocolate into a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil.  She bought a bunch of candy canes, unwrapped them and put them inside a plastic bag.  She then took a rolling pin and crushed the candy canes into little pieces.  She then sprinkled the pieces of candy cane over the melted white chocolate and let cool.  When the chocolate cooled, she broke the ‘peppermint bark’ into rough shapen chunks and wrapped them in decorative boxes.

Within minutes dozens of people were pinning her recipe about peppermint bark onto their own pinterest boards.  And in a short while the recipe was repinned onto 318 other Pinterest boards and got 53 likes.  You can visit her board here!


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