Facebook’s New Threat to the Journalism Industry


Looks like Facebook is giving the waning news media a scare, by announcing recently ambitions to become a personal newspaper for the billion plus members currently using Facebook.

Already Facebook has become a huge source of news, with its trending stories at the top right of the home screen.  I already find myself going to Facebook to get a lot of my news.


But early this month, the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to make Facebook “the perfect personalized newspaper for every person in the world”  Because Facebook understands your user habits, your interest, you demographics, your likes and dislikes, it can now deliver personalized news in your feed along with updates from your friends and family.


This in effect would make Facebook a dominant player in the news media. I recently had a conversation with a few friends about this topic.  And a lot of them agreed that Facebook might as well be a newspaper since they get so much of their news already from trending stories on their Facebook page.


As a former journalist, I do find this a big threat to the journalism industry which is already struggling to survive as newspapers lose readership to the huge number of available and free news sources online.  I find myself getting more and more of my news from credible blogs and less from paid news sources.

The future of this remains to be seen.sing.


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